Wednesday, 29 October 2014

I'm suddenly finished with test 1s in week 9!!!!

Wow. Was week 4 seriously my last post?? I'm now finding myself in week 9 completely unaware of where the time has actually gone, especially as every day is very much the same here; up early, lessons during the day, CBT, then home to eat and do some work in the evening. It’s fairly intense though I must say that at no point have I found the work has increased in difficulty, we are taking it a little bit faster during the lessons now but I like to think we've adapted to the routine and it’s going well so far.

I also have the added bonus of being able to mention Test 1s. For us they started in week 5 and we finished them off in week 6. I was quite happy with my 85% average which is an indication of your progress. The test 1s are really helpful in showing you the layout of the questions and particular subjects you’d need to work at. They weren't too bad as long as you've put in the work! There is already talk of school finals which are in 1 month so I know how much more work I’ll need to put in now as they are most definitely going to creep up on us before we know it, in preparation I have caved and purchased an on-line question bank from aviation exam to help me out with my studies.

Though after test 1 we've been given a few revision guides from our instructors and Oxford’s question bank. The more practice you can do the more prepared you’re going to be and I’m finding it’s helping me structure my revision a little better in the evenings. We’ll see if it pays off…I’m also getting a little tired of CBTs, they’re a tad tedious at times…

We finally had our class picture!!!

My domestic life is going well (although completely boring as the only thing I really do is eat. Sleep. Work. Repeat. On weekends I get to do my laundry and a food shop just to shake things up a bit! We have two new house mates starting on the new 367 course this week (seriously, where has the time gone?!) and so have a full house which is great.

This week has been very heavy on Instruments which I've got to say is now my least favourite (the hardest subject) I quite enjoy systems now! As we have a lot of ground left to cover they split up the instruments topic into several different areas with different teachers and we pretty much solely have an instruments topic every hour!

It’s come up to class 1 medical renewal time (you have to get one every year!) do wish me luck? I’m also looking forward to helping out at the Heathrow flyers exhibition representing OAA this Saturday! 

Other than that I don’t really have a lot going on so will blog again (apparently I'm really bad at it!) when I have something significant to talk about other than drawling on about studying, school finals are now only a few weeks away which is very scary and I hate the guilty feeling you get where you know you could always be doing slightly more work…