Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Week 11 and I haven't an original title for this post

Last weekend I went to the Heathrow flyer show, it really was good fun and very busy. Talked to quite a few people about coming to Oxford and remember what it was like when I went to one of these a few years ago and how different I am now. I actually met a few people who'd read this blog so thank you for that, I'm glad the feedback has been positive and I just apologise for the lack of posts lately. Time really does fly here (excuse the pun!). As well as chatting about OAA we had the chance to talk to the airlines exhibiting there like Virgin, BA and even Susi Air. All in all it made for a nice revision break and got to see some big air planes, yay!

This week has flown by, with school finals fast approaching (they're on Monday), it's very satisfying to have finished CBTs for some subjects however scary in that we haven't yet covered all of the subject matter in lessons like Human Performance and Comms. With Comms we've only really started this week but I'm hoping I'll have picked some of it up before in the experience flying that I've been doing.

I had my medical last week and was given the all clear, so that's a weight off until next year. I actually found it a lot more relaxing than the initial, there were fewer tests and it was done just at Oxford airport. I only ended up missing half an hour of Electrics, though that does now mean I have to make up the time during the revision break before EASAs.

All term we've given a TAF, METAR and surface weather chart to look at which has been great for familiarising ourselves with so we don't suddenly have to learn them when we reach the chapter in the book. It's also really interesting and satisfying to actual sort of pretend we know what the weather has been doing. It's been really cold this week and that's because there's an Arctic Polar Maritime air mass coming down to Britain.

Met is still my favourite subject and Instruments my least; just because of how much information there is to learn for it, I'm nervous to say the least about how I can pull this off...My School Finals are on Monday. This Monday. Wish me luck!